What does a rumbling sound from the water heater mean?

If your water heater is making a rumbling sound, it may indicate that there is sediment building up at the bottom of your water heater. If this is the case, sediment can start to boil, resulting in the water becoming trapped. If your water heater is diagnosed with this issue, it means it is not working properly, which causes the sediment to block the heat transfer to the water that in the tank.

You may want to consider draining some water from the bottom of your tank. This can be done by fastening a drain hose to the water tanks valve and allowing it to drain for five minutes to reduce sediment buildup. For older water heater models a replacement might be the best way to save on your utility bill.

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What will happen if roots make their way into the drain lines?

If roots make their way into the drain lines, this could cause quite a problem. Roots and shrubbery can fill up the drain lines with multiple hair-like roots. With roots growing in the pipes this can block toilet tissue and any other buildup that is exiting your home to the main sewer. Your pipes may drain slowly and even completely block the drains causing sewage to backup.

When roots make their way into the drain pipes, they continue to spread like weeds and can also cause a significant amount of pressure where they entered. With this amount of pressure the drain lines can break, causing them to collapse and require a whole new line to be replaced or repaired.
With our state of the art drain cameras, our professionals have the ability to record your draining issue and visually see if there are any roots blocking your pipes.

Are there any recommendations for replacing my toilet?

There are many things to consider when thinking about any new fixtures that you want to put in your home. Benjamin Franklin Levittown recommends sticking with major manufacturers when choosing a new fixture for the home. Make sure your new fixture is properly installed because this can prevent any problems down the line. Also, with new government standards, toilets are no longer allowed to use more than 1.6 gallons per flush saving you more on your utility bill.

What is causing my water bill to be so high?

There are many things you may want to check when it comes to your utility bill becoming increasingly higher. Check to see if your toilet is leaking, for example, if the water level is too high it could be overflowing into your pipes, causing you to waste water. If this is the case, make sure you adjust the valve, so the water is not overflowing into the drain pipes. Doing frequent maintenance checks can help prevent any major issues from occurring or water from being wasted. With the help of a professional plumber, your home’s plumbing system will function properly.

If my kitchen drains are draining slowly, could they be partially clogged? If so, what do you recommend doing?

Start off by using a plunger to see if this quickly fixes any partial clogs that may be down the drain. If this doesn’t work, then use a liquid drain cleaner and check the trap for any excess debris. If your drain is still clogged beyond the drain trap, wire snakes can extend up to 50 feet long to break up any clogs. Ben Franklin Levittown offers BioBen, special micro-organisms that eat away any drain blockage or buildup in the pipes.