Your faucets are responsible for delivering clean, fresh water into different areas of your home. Nowadays, they’re available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit the specific needs of different customers. Not only do they add to the character and design of a kitchen or bathroom, but they also help to improve the functionality of these settings. As the most frequently used fixtures at the sink, there’s no wonder why they tend to leak, drip or malfunction entirely.

When Faucets Leak

Faucets are designed with a number of moving parts; which means that when a faucet is leaking or dripping, it usually indicates that a part is worn down and needs to be replaced. Often, it’s a washer or the seals of compression that deteriorate because of the pressure caused by the flowing water. When faucets start to leak, it can be more than just a nuisance; the leak can actually corrode the fixture, stain the basin of the sink and waste a lot of water. Depending on the issues at hand, dripping faucets can be easily addressed.

However, leaky faucets, on the other hand, require more attention. Fortunately, the professionals here at Ben Franklin Levittown are experienced with diagnosing all kinds of faucet issues and are able to suggest the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to the problem our customers face. This often means replacing a leaky faucet instead of wasting money on trying to perform repairs.

You can trust that our skilled technicians at Ben Franklin Levittown are qualified to install or replace a variety of faucets for your kitchen or bathrooms. So whether you have a dripping or leaky faucet or simply just want to upgrade to a more advanced model, you can rely on our certified plumbers to get the job done right!