One of our skilled technicians performing a garbage disposal repair in Bristol, PAIf your kitchen sink uses a drain cover, drain plug, strainer, food-catch or sink trap, then you are most likely in need of a garbage disposal. Despite catching the food scum leftover from meals, oftentimes smaller pieces or the like will still escape down the drain, causing clogs and pungent odors you definitely don’t want. Rather than shuddering every time you walk by your sink or have to empty the deposit in your sink, why not consider the idea of having a garbage disposal installed to solve the problem for you?

A garbage disposal is an appliance that will make it easy for you to liquefy smaller food remnants and then wash them down the drain, instead of having to face the terrible task of emptying out your sink strainer. This way, your sink’s drain will be protected from the build up of larger pieces of food that could otherwise create a clog.

Despite this, it is also important to know that even with a garbage disposal, there are food items that should never be put down the drain, such as:

  • Starchy Foods – Pasta, potato peels, rice
    These turn into goo inside of your drain, potentially causing a clog or build up over time even despite having a garbage disposal.
  • Oil
    Oil solidifies and can create a large blockage that can grow and cause many plumbing issues down the road.
  • Coffee grounds, eggshells, seeds, grains
    These do not breakdown and can, instead, build up.
  • Stringy Foods – Celery, asparagus
    The strings from these foods can wrap around your garbage disposal and cause problems with the motor.

It important to still keep in mind that drains are not meant to be trashcans, but instead, garbage disposals can help break down leftover food crumbs that don’t make it into the garbage. Consider the addition of a garbage disposal to help take away that foul odor wafting from your sink, and wash away the food grime that is left over from a night’s meal.

At Ben Franklin Levittown, our professional technicians are capable of installing any type of garbage disposal system. From high-end models to cost-effective units, our plumbers can do it all! Along with offering expert garbage disposal installation, our plumbers can also make any repairs needed in order for your garbage disposal unit to function at the standard you need it to.

Many of today’s current garbage disposal systems are quieter and more efficient than ever before, and with the help of Ben Franklin Levittown, you will have a garbage disposable system installed that you can rely on. To learn more about the advantages of using a garbage disposal, contact us today!