Ben Franklin Levittown offers a variety of repair techniques and products made so all of our customers can make an educated decision on what sort of plumbing service he or she needs.

At Ben Franklin Levittown, we endeavor to provide quality professional plumbing services, as well as the unmatched integrity and transparency that one should expect from a certified and licensed plumber. Some examples of the products and services we provide are:

Water Heaters

Water heaters are used primarily to supply your home with the hot water that you need for daily living. Water heaters are connected to internal plumbing as a water source and have valves, pipes and vents. Many of them are equipped with an energy source in order to heat the water; we offer gas, electric, and even, solar options. We also provide our clients with the choice of a model that has a storage tank or one that is tankless.

Water Softeners and Conditioners

A water softening or conditioning system is made to reduce the amount of dissolved minerals found in your drinking water. By installing and sustaining a water softening or conditioning system, you will be able to greatly reduce the amount of calcium carbonate and a number of other contaminants that are usually found in your home’s water. Water softeners and conditioners clean your water and improve the taste, odor and clarity of it.


Drains are the primary points within a home that transport used materials to a sanitary sewer or septic system. The drains in your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and in your basement need to be carefully cleaned and maintained in order to keep excess water from flooding your floors. We offer repairs, cleaning, unclogging and inspections for every drain in your home.


Sinks are essential to the functionality of the bathrooms and kitchen in your home as they are used every day to do dishes, provide a quick source of water for cooking and to wash hands. Aside from repairing your current sinks, we also provide an array of sink styles to update your home and will install it for you. Some of the materials used for our sinks include stone, enamel or ceramic, glass and stainless steel. Check out the Our Product tab for a full description of each.


Often taken for granted, toilets are arguably the most important part of any restroom. They carry away our waste and dispose of it. Toilets use the water coming into your home to do their job, and due to heavy use, they can easily run into some problems. We do repairs on toilets to fix any leaks, as well as provide replacements. Energy efficient toilets and those outfitted with new technologies are a smart option for those of you looking for an update.


Faucets are the fixtures on your sink and spouts in other areas of the home that provide water. They come in all manners of shapes, sizes and materials and can be replaced a little more easily than you might think. Faucets contain moving parts, so when your faucet is dripping, it is generally a sign that one of its parts has worn down and needs to be exchanged with a new one.


Pumps are devices that are primarily used to move a variety of fluids. They serve quite a few purposes: they act as a form of irrigation, move sewage, supply water and even control flooding.

Bathtubs and Showers

Bathtubs and showers have an overhead nozzle that supplies water combined with a drainage system that allows for the water to be transferred via pipes out of your home. As with our other products, they come in multiple varieties for selection and can be repaired or replaced with new fixtures. Standard to most homes is a shower-tub combination that gives you the option to stand and shower or relax and bathe sitting or lying down. There are also stand-alone showers, single bathtubs, whirlpool tubs, walk-in tubs and hot tubs for you to choose.


Disposals, whether used for garbage or leftover waste from food products, are usually powered by electricity and installed under a kitchen sink, between the sink’s drain and the trap. Improper maintenance can result in clogs that back up water drainage in the home. Their parts can be sharp and potentially dangerous to clean and fix, so it is important for a professional to service them properly for you.

Sewers and Pipes

Sewer lines remove water from your home, and pipes bring it into your home. Water pipes function to distribute water from local reservoirs across the city and through your property. Sewer pipes serve to distribute wastewater from your house to local sewage treatment facilities. Both sewers and pipes are subject to damage and leaks and should be correctly maintained to ensure that they function accurately.