At Ben Franklin Levittown, we handle installation, repair and maintenance of pumps.

Pumps are used for many different objectives, including irrigation, sewage movement, water supply, refrigeration and flood control, just to name a few. They work by moving fluids using a mechanical action. Since there’s a variety of purposes and objectives for pumps, they come in different shapes and sizes to fulfill a person’s specific needs.

Effective pump maintenance is critical to keep your pump system operating sufficiently. This will allow you to detect any problems and reveal any deterioration like pump failure or inefficiency. Routine maintenance of your homes’ pumps, such as proper lubrication and cleaning, is vital for your system to function properly. By maintaining your pumps, you’ll avoid any disasters from occurring. The most common types of pumps are:

  • Water Pumps – The heart of an irrigation system comes from the water pump system, which is mostly used for lawn care. It’s crucial for the pump to match the requirements of the water source, so it runs as efficiently as possible.
  • Sump Pump – Sump pumps are used to help keep the area under a home or building dry and prevent any flooding. They are usually installed in specifically designed pit areas in the basement or crawl space. Water is then collected in the sump pit from ground water seeping through or from drains. With a sump pump, the objective is to remove any excess water out of the sump pit and away from the home, allowing it to stay dry.

If you happen to have a water or sump pump, and you need repair or maintenance, you can contact our team at Ben Franklin Levittown. We’re fully trained to take on any pump encounters. We’ll analyze any issues that have come about and suggest the best financial solution to resolve the problem. Whether it’s a simple repair for your pump or a replacement for an upgraded model, please call us today!