At Ben Franklin Levittown, we have a variety of sink models to choose from, as well as the ability to repair and install your existing sink. Although it may look easy to install yourself, it’s smart to hire a certified technician who can perform the job properly.

These are the most common types of sinks available today:

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most popular kitchen appliance materials, sinks being no exception. It is versatile, simple and can be easily matched with any decor. Stainless steel sinks are highly durable and will last virtually forever. Since stainless steel is nonporous, it effectively resists bacteria and is easy to clean. Heat-resistant items will not discolor or tarnish the sink. Although they tend to be noisier than other sink varieties, dishes are less likely to break when dropped in stainless steel.

Enamel or Ceramic

Enamel sinks are durable and can also be manufactured in a wide array of shapes and colors. It is a popular material used for kitchen and bathroom sinks, and like stainless steel, it is resistant to hot or cold objects. However, once penetrated they can corrode easily and become damaged from sharp impacts. Forceful cleaning can soften the sink’s enamel surface, leading to dirt accumulation in its pores. On the other hand, ceramic sinks take on many of the same characteristics as an enamel sink but without jeopardizing the surface, which can lead to corrosion.


Plastic sinks are typically inexpensive and often used as freestanding sinks for the laundry room. However, they can be easily damaged by hot or hard objects. The high-end, acrylic drop-in kitchen sinks are far more popular and may be made into solid surface countertops. They are very attractive and can be built into a separate table in a transparent manner. Plastic sinks can be damaged, although in some cases they can be sanded down to disguise any wear and tear that may have occurred.


Stone sinks have been around since the beginning of time. Today, you can choose from many aesthetically pleasing stones such as marble, travertine, onyx and granite. Most stone sinks are just as easy to maintain as any other material sink. Granite has become an increasingly popular option, as they are almost impossible to fade, meaning the color you buy will stay the same. Stone sinks allow homeowners to express their taste and personality.

Glass, Copper, Concrete and Terrazzo

There is no doubt about it that glass sinks are designed to be sleek and stylish. Best of all, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Although you would think glass might break or be fragile, the material is actually quite durable and more scratch resistant than stainless steel. Concrete and terrazzo are typically used for heavier duty purposes.

With a variety of sink materials and choices to select from, the professionals at Ben Franklin Levittown can help you decide on an appropriate sink that will best suit your needs. We will also provide any sink repairs or installations.