The bathroom is most likely the most used room in the house on a day-to-day basis. The most important item in the bathroom, the toilet, is something we take for granted. The porcelain throne is something we use every single day (hopefully) and use often. Any toilet malfunction can easily become a major inconvenience. Toilet malfunctions can usually turn into leaks, which can affect other rooms of the house if not addressed quickly and properly. At Ben Franklin Levittown, we specialize in toilet repair and replacement. Unfortunately, toilet problems are usually major problems, please don’t hesitate to call.

New Technologies

Toilets account for almost one-third of all household water use. Due to that, there have been many advances to make toilets perform better, as well as save on the amount of water used to flush waste. Dual flush toilets come with two flushing options. The standard 1.6-gallon flush or a .8-gallon flush. A toilet with dual flush capabilities can save water and money over time. A multi-person household can save several thousand gallons of water per year. The new toilets are built with a power-assisted system that uses small pumps to change the pressure of the flush of choice.

Energy-Efficient Toilets

Toilets manufactured in the 1980s used 3.5 gallons per flush; every model manufactured before that used anywhere from 5-to-7 gallons per flush. With environmental concerns on the rise, energy-efficient toilets are now understood as appliances in one’s home because of the energy savings they can create.

Replace or Repair?

Problems can arise with any drainage or plumbing system. Here at Ben Franklin Levittown, we help advise you on whether or not you need repair or a total replacement. We take everyone’s needs, as well as their financial circumstance into consideration. Our expert staff then determines the best course of action to take, whether that be to replace or repair. Contact us today (267)-202-0647 for any questions so we can help weigh your options. We are also available to handle all emergencies.